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161. Idap wrote at 05.08.2005 - 22:05 hours
What's up everybody? Thank u for all the love and thank u for the hater. she loves me too. Thats why she is on my site and knows where I am. I appreciate it.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: djdap[AT]

162. Queen Pit Bull wrote at 03.08.2005 - 02:31 hours
Dap you are doin' da damn thang. I remember ya dayz on 105.7. Now look at cha now doin' it big round the world. I have nothing but mad love and respect for ya. Keep ya head up and let dem haters hate. DO IT BIG BOY. Holla at ya girl Queen Pit Bull A.K.A (Monticello) M-CE-LO Finest Chick. P.S When you ready to do a big DJ Battle with with big chips put down on da table holla at ya girl. One
Homepage: not entered   Email: QueenGG[AT]

163. ~G~ wrote at 01.08.2005 - 17:21 hours
Whats up pimpin> This you boy ~G~ The one and only Tallahassee Hotboy Computer tech, i just stopped by to check u out, be easy and ill holla
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: babyblue15[AT]

164. "Tasteful" wrote at 01.08.2005 - 00:38 hours
AWW isn't that cute bookie,miss nasty took da time out to try and down grade you, instead she down graded herself. I have the slightest idea of why I'm entertaining her illiterate ass but I MUST comment:First of all, I wanted to thank miss nasty for taking da time out to travel to a friends house or a local library to check out your website (Much LUV)!!And to also thank miss nasty for up dating herself on your where abouts."I mean damn was she there?"Are you mad boo boo cause da water tapped dat head and you look like who did it and why?Or maybe you weren't there and your home gilr updated you because she saw him and you got mad cause he had you to suck dat dick in da past or maybe just fucked you real good and he just don't wanna fuck wit yo tired ass no more!!(I THINK SO).Nuff said,I'm out!! "DAP"keep doin' what you do bookie,like I said before, I got yo back no matter what....
Homepage: not entered   Email: taseful_fl[AT]

165. Tuesday wrote at 31.07.2005 - 04:39 hours
Hi Dap! I was just passing through and wanted to show you some love. Keep doing your thing and be safe.
Homepage: not entered   Email: i_got_flavor[AT]

166. miss nasty wrote at 30.07.2005 - 23:03 hours
nigga please you aint bout shit with yo frog lookin ass
u is a nobody u took yo ass down to that country ass town and got rained out---hell knowin u, u probably laid and sucked-up one of them dirty p***y hoes last nite u good at eatin up on sombody
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

167. Tori wrote at 30.07.2005 - 04:58 hours
what's up? I was just ckeckin ya website out hallo back
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

168. La'Krystal wrote at 29.07.2005 - 07:55 hours
I have been to some of Dap's party's and they were off the hook. I also wanted Dap to know that he is still fine and I am still going to make him mine.
Homepage: not entered   Email: kryssy0930[AT]

169. djdap wrote at 29.07.2005 - 01:16 hours
thank u i appreciate everything that u do for me. we are about to do this in 2005and beyond. its on now. they should have never let us hook up. it a problem now. lets get it. go china red!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: djdap[AT]

170. Maria More wrote at 28.07.2005 - 21:30 hours

this is your webmaster!!!

its been great working with you...I'm glad people are feeling the site!

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: maria[AT]

171. Erica aka Alize wrote at 27.07.2005 - 00:38 hours
I see you are doing big things. I like your pictures too. I will holla back at cha when I get back to Tally so see you soon. You got my number, hit me up when you get some free time.
Homepage: not entered   Email: erica_alize[AT]

172. Mimi wrote at 24.07.2005 - 06:20 hours
Hey boo this your #1 Tallahassee hotgirl Mimi dropping by to show some love. Keep doing your thing and I hope you succeed. I'm always here for you if you need anything. Holla
Homepage: not entered   Email: miahoney[AT]

173. Lady Step wrote at 22.07.2005 - 20:28 hours
Congrats on all that you've acomplished from day one until you retire! I wish you the best and always remember that you can depend on me. I love you dearly...
Homepage: not entered   Email: steppromotions[AT]

174. FoxiLadynATL wrote at 22.07.2005 - 15:46 hours
Hey Pookie Bear! You already know it's your girl Keshia, reppin' the "A" Atlanta to da fullest. I still got love for the 850 though. Look at you, doing your thing, I'm so happy you've made it this far. We've had a lot of fun together, and there is so much more to come. I wish you the best of luck in EVERYTHING you do! Can't wait till you come back to Atlanta, I really enjoy your presence! Keep God first, and you'll make it even further! Stay Sexy! Love you!
Homepage: not entered   Email: MissKeshia0203[AT]

175. sexy mama wrote at 20.07.2005 - 02:19 hours
What's up boo boo? This ya girl from C.C. You know how they breed 'em in the country; sexy, sassy, and sure enough off the chain. Me and my girl still hold it down for ya with much love, so don't forget that with your SEXY ASS!!!!!!!! That's what's really up.
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

176. myra spencer wrote at 19.07.2005 - 01:29 hours
Wat up this your gurl tallahassee's youngest hot gurl.Just chillin with is just so cute.
Homepage: not entered   Email: myralil[AT]

177. Ms Cutie wrote at 19.07.2005 - 00:18 hours
Whats up dap , this is cutie holding it down for H2T , keep up the great work.
Homepage: not entered   Email: head2toefashions4eva[AT]

178. Samantha wrote at 18.07.2005 - 21:37 hours
Hey,whats up! This is ya girl,I just wanted to holla at u and let u know that you have a nice website!
Homepage: not entered   Email: samanthlove_82[AT]

179. Brian Sealey wrote at 17.07.2005 - 00:55 hours
Nice website. I hope that it helps you continue to rise. Good Luck
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: homes[AT]

180. pecan wrote at 16.07.2005 - 04:15 hours
Just letting you know that i did sign your guestbook. this is peaches.
Homepage: not entered   Email: pecan223[AT]

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