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121. sexyblack wrote at 18.11.2005 - 22:50 hours
Hi.What areyou up to .You think that you are sexy .But your not.By the way I am sexyblack from big kauhuna thr night. call me later.
Homepage: not entered   Email: christinacurry_christinasexy

122. Brianna wrote at 14.11.2005 - 19:57 hours
aye man i will be leaving the 850 in a minute, so i need you to hook me up to with some of yo passes to yo parties. So hit yo gurl ^. Hal
Homepage: not entered   Email: Letecia_229[AT]

123. DJ DAP wrote at 09.11.2005 - 00:51 hours
Homepage: not entered   Email: djdaponline[AT]

124. Martin Drysdale wrote at 08.11.2005 - 20:12 hours
check out these hot girls at and and coming soon ...Keep doing your thing Man
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: models[AT]

125. JADA wrote at 04.11.2005 - 22:07 hours
wuz up you are really doin yo thang the website is nice
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

126. KYM wrote at 25.10.2005 - 14:35 hours
Homepage: not entered   Email: KYM722001[AT]YAHOO.COM

127. dj dap wrote at 25.10.2005 - 02:00 hours
thanks to everybody for coming out to show love for homecoming. thanks to everybody for calling and checking in with ya boy dj dap on Blazin 102.3. im on Fri.-2a-6a., Sat.-12a.-6a, Sun. 10p-12a. and thanks for watching my new video show jam t.v. UPN channel 24, thurs. & fri. 1:30a-2:30a. email me at
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: djdap1[AT]

128. Sir Real wrote at 15.10.2005 - 19:08 hours
Guess who back still holdin my spot down/
prince of da booth on top not to be knock down/
stop doubtin the yung boi still reppin my city/
when it comes to this rap thang I'm at the head of da committee/
its a damn shame how I caught the game off guard/
but I blame these wanksta rappers for makin it look so hard/
try beatin my lyricalz and I'll take you skool/
and please don't test my pimp game I makin women drowl/
tried of explainin my self to a sucka and punk/
so I whip they ass and put 'em in da trunk and tell'em they just got punk'd/
but ain't Ashton Kutcher I ain't cuttin Demi Moore/
keep doin ya thang dap and givin the world some more/
of ya fresh style when comes down 2 rockin da club/
ladiez and gentz some my dawg some luv!!
"Real Talk"
much luv and respect to ya dap and I got yo back Dawg!!

Homepage: not entered   Email: yungsirreal[AT]

129. scrootnie wrote at 14.10.2005 - 15:42 hours
wuz up dap dia ya gurl scrootnie str8 out oof j -county we still waiting on u to come back down here n do it big fa the teens we see u done for got al about us but its all good holla back till then b e z y a gurl scroot scroot
Homepage: not entered   Email: hottgyrl8502[AT]

130. miss nasty wrote at 08.10.2005 - 16:34 hours
To the wanna be FOXILADYNATL stop sweatn and get some----and to tell u why dap couldnt make to the atl he was 2 beezy suckn me upso holla back when u get some
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

131. Mashanda Usmanov a.k.a SHorty wrote at 07.10.2005 - 20:35 hours
What's up pimpin? just wanted too let you know That me and my girls miss seeing you at perry's on Friday's and Sundays. tell your Tallahassee hot boys that we miss yall badly. But we ride out too your too cd's instead of going too the club on Fridays and Sundays. So holla at your girl .
Lil Shorty
Homepage: not entered   Email: musmanov03[AT]

132. Dj Dap wrote at 07.10.2005 - 06:14 hours
Look out for T-Pain today on 106 & Park. Mr I'm Sprung representin Tallahassee.
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

133. Brandi Neal wrote at 07.10.2005 - 03:35 hours
was up dj dap ?nothing much i hope.anyways i like your site.anyways i just wanted to let you know that your gurl have talent and she wants to get a producer and put out a record so hit me up on my email address asap please because i have my songs and everything and cd name so hit me up so i can record. love ya boo.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: angleprincessgirl[AT]

134. akeena simpo wrote at 07.10.2005 - 01:30 hours
i got this group called m.o.b most outrage basturds and we tring to put perry on the map we need a studio to do our thing
Homepage: not entered   Email: lilfilla_as2005[AT]

135. Dj Dap wrote at 07.10.2005 - 01:14 hours
Whats up everybody? Thanks for da luv. Fellas drop ya boy a line. I know the ladies dominate on the guestbook, but yall my dogs too. Say whats up and drop a message. Don't forgot to check me out for the Sunday Night Rideout on Blazin 102.3 at 10p.
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

136. Stess The Emcee wrote at 05.10.2005 - 14:40 hours

Wanna see what I am working with, Peep this freestyle featuring Juelz Santana of the Dipset recorded live on 102.3 in the Basement,

Check out my new mixtape. It's free. All you have to do is Download it.

Also holla at me at

Shouts to JBlaze, good looking out homey
Shouts to DJ Dap, keep doing what your doing

Wanna see what I am working with, Peep this freestyle featuring Juelz Santana of the Dipset recorded live on 102.3 in the Basement,

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: trroach[AT]

137. Trina wrote at 04.10.2005 - 01:30 hours
wuz up i wolud like to meet some day yes i will be
there for homeing come to madisonfl again plaz.
Homepage: not entered   Email: kmwillams[AT]

138. FoxiLadynATL wrote at 03.10.2005 - 20:24 hours
Whats happenin' boo, you know I had to stop through again and show you a little more luv. Sorry you didn't make it up here for the game, that shit was right! I will be down there for homecoming, I look forward to seeing you when I get there, and hanging out. Keep doing your thing boo, and just know I'm always here for you, especially when you come to the "A". Keep your head up and I like the way miss nasty went through all of that to find you, it's ok though she had nothing better to do. When you rise like this it's always those kind of people involved, that try to bring ya down. But FUCK DAT HOE, we know whats up. Anyway boo, I'll holla at you when I get down there this month. I LOVE YOU!
Homepage: not entered   Email: MissKeshia0203[AT]

139. County Boyz wrote at 30.09.2005 - 15:54 hours
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: info[AT]

140. County Boyz wrote at 30.09.2005 - 15:51 hours
DUMPA Chopped & Screwed by 3-6 Mafia dj Black and OG Ron C
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: info[AT]

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